Saturday, April 24, 2010

MEMORIES PAST (People, Places and Events) ~ 2006 Vacation Bible School - "SET SAIL"

Every other year Evangelist and Mrs. Bobby Brown from Harrison, TN come to Germany to help our military churches with VBS. The following pictures were made on one of the alternate years, 2006, when the Browns were not with us. Our theme was a nautical one, "Set Sail", and our people worked hard for several weeks preparing for it. Here are a few pictures to bring back some memories.

Each night's opening began with some lively singing. Even the Pastor participated..there is Tom in the left hand corner.

Everyone loved Captain Aaron who really was in the Navy (the only person we have ever had who was in the Navy!!) Each night he had 'words of wisdom' for the children.

The famous "penny march". Tony Bennett kept the competition going between the girls and boys.

The most important time of the night...the teaching of God's Word. We had such dedicated teachers in every class.

Getting ready for crafts

Everyones favorite time ----refreshements!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Independent Baptist Friends International Conference at Temple Baptist Church in Powell, TN ~

Our gracious hosts, Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Sexton.

Dr. Sexton leading the conference and one of the extraordinary choirs that sang during the week.

The preaching and teaching was outstanding each day and the music was absolutely beautiful.

Tom speaking in one of his sessions. He spoke twice on military missions and once on world evangelism.

A lovely dinner was prepared each evening for the speakers and their wives. Here we are sitting around the table enjoying good fellowship. On this particular night those who knew Dr. Curtis Hutson shared their memories of him.

Visiting with our Students at Crown College ~

What a blessing to see "our kids" at Crown College. Here Tom is with Alex Abraham, one of our RRBC students and Joel Conlee, whose mother was one of our young people at our church in Memphis, TN and still a dear friend. I am sitting (with my surgical bandage on) with Vanessa Booker, one of our teenagers from RRBC and Joy Essigmann, one of our former singles.

Joy Essigman, a former RRBC single now teaching and working on her PHD at the University of Tennessee came out to see us on Thursday night.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Romans 8:28 ~

I am typing this post in a hotel room in Powell, TN with a large bandage across my nose covering a skin graft and thirty stitches. We arrived in the states (Chattanooga) last Monday for three weeks of meetings. I have had a spot on my nose for some times that would not heal so I had planned a trip to the dermatologist while we were in country. I was able to get an appointment on Thursday and the doctor visually diagosed the spot as probably cancerous. He did a biopsy which came back positive and yesterday he removed a large skin cancer which is quite deep and required a skin graft and thirty stitches. I surely didn't envision being in this place a week ago, but my God is still on the throne and I am trusting Him. And I am thanking Him that they were able to get all the cancer. God is good - - ALL THE TIME. Romans 8:28.

We are here in Powell, TN for the International Baptist Friends conference. We drove back to Chattanooga Monday night after the first session and came straight back after the out patient surgery yesterday. I was not able to attend last night's service and will miss today, but hope to be able to go tonight. Tom will be speaking tomorrow and Friday.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Family Night with the Moss Family ~

It was such a blessing to be able to have a family night with Dawn, Mitch and the kids. Dawn had a wonderful dinner made and we enjoyed eating and talking about all the world's problems. After dinner the kids gave us a little musical concert, which we loved!! Maddy loves spending the night with Opa and Oma when we are in town, and of course we love having her over, so she packed a little bag and headed home with us at the end of the night.

The girls were waiting outside for us as we drove up. Now that will put a smile on grandparents faces!!!

After dinner we had a little concert with Madison and Haley singing and Bradley playing his guitar. Dawn also played a beautiful piano arrangement for us.

Madison and Haley love playing in their play room.

Of course Max the dog was part of the fun, too.

Chattanooga Is In Bloom ~

Everywhere you look in Chattanooga there are flowers and trees blooming: dogwoods, redbuds, bradford pears, daffodils...and those are just a few whose names I know. The redbuds are growing wild everywhere. Why couldn't I have just one in my yard? These two were along the side of the road as we were going to Dawn's house.

My "Little Brother's" 62 Birthday ~

Yesterday my 'little brother', Gary, turned 62. I'm not saying how old that makes me, but I will say that my brother is one terrific guy. He is a great husband, father and grandfather. Living on different continents we don't get to see each other very often, but he is a loving brother who I can count on for anything. Several years ago I was extremely ill and had to return to the States for treatment. Because of some very important duties that had to be attended to in Germany, Tom and I decided that I would make the trip alone and he would follow two weeks later. My little brother dropped everything to take me to doctor's appointments, sit with me in the hospital and was such a loving, supportive brother to me during a very difficult time. That's the kind of brother I have. I love you Gary! Happy Birthday, little brother.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our Cracker Barrel Outing ~

Our first outing with Dawn and the kiddies was at one of our very favorite places....Cracker Barrel (Mitch had to work). Here are our first pictures of Bradley, Madison and Haley on this trip...many more will be coming. The girls are so pretty dressed alike. Bradley is quiter than the girls, but he is so sweet. While we waited for our food Opa barely beat Madison in a game of checkers. We had a fun time together and Dawn will be preparing a spaghetti dinner for us tonight.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Loving Spring!!!! ~

Spring is springing up all over and I am loving it. I have to admit I am a snow bird and love cold weather and especially the snow; however, it has been such a long and hard winter this year that all the signs of spring are a very welcome sight. We arrived in the Chattanooga area to 90 degree temperatures. That is a bit much for me, but seeing the azaleas and daffodils and the many other flowers of spring are very refreshing to my spirit. We couldn't wait to get to our house in Ringgold to see if our beautiful Bradford Pear was in bloom. We have had our home in Ringgold for nearly five years now and have never been back when it was in bloom. Well, it had already peaked, but there were still a few of the beautiful white blossoms on it so I decided to go ahead and make a picture of it anyway.

A Milestone For the Lancasters ~

For several years now the Lord seems to have been broadening Tom's ministry, especially in the area of promoting military missions and encouraging and recruiting young men to serve in military missions. This, along, with the burden for starting new military churches where they are needed and pastoring our beloved Rhein River Baptist Church, has kept him very busy....extremely busy for a man in his late sixties. About five years ago God began burdening our son, Mark, for military missions...especially in the area of helping to start new military churches where they are needed. Since Tom and our church already had a church planting ministry in place and because of his desire to be a help to his Dad as well, Mark, Julie and Emily became a part of our church team about three years ago. Mark has already started one new military church in Bamberg, Germany, and turned it over to a military missionary and is praying about where there is the greatest need for another military work. On top of all that he has been a tremendous help to his Dad in so many, many ways. He is truly a gifted man of God. This past Sunday night the Lord led our church to extend the invitation to Mark to become the co-Pastor of Rhein River Baptist Church. I know I am prejudiced but I think this is an amazing team that God has put together to continue the great ministries of Rhein River Baptist Church. I am a very thankful wife and mother and this is truly a milestone in the Lancaster family.

Traveling to the States for Three Weeks ~

We got off to an interesting start on our flight to the states. We were just getting settled in the Delta lounge to wait for our flight to board when several German Polizei
came through the door to the lounge and over the P.A. system came the announcement, "Please gather your belongings and exit the lounge quickly." After being sent to the opposite end of the airport we watched as a small white vehicle drove past us, following by a large German shepherd and his trainer and a multitude of Polizei. We later found out that a brief case had been left in the lounge and so the bomb detection crew went into fast action. Traveling is definitely no fun anymore. Not complaining though!!! I want them to take all the time they need to keep us safe.

We will be in the states for three week. I am looking forward to seeing Dawn and Mitch and our three terrific grandchildren. I will be posting lots of pictures in the next few days.

Next week, April 12-16, Tom will be participating in the International Baptist Friends Conference at Temple Baptist Church in Powell, TN. He will speak on Thursday and Friday.

The last week he will preach a revival in Powderly, TX.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


This is a beautiful poem that meant much to Corrie ten Boom who suffered such atrocities while she was incarcerated at the Ravensbruck concentration camp. It is framed in the Corrie ten Boom museum in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

My life is but a weaving between my God and me,
I do not choose the colours, He works so steadily,
Oft times He weaves in sorrow, and I in foolish pride,
Forget He sees the upper, and I the underside.

Not till the loom is silent, and the shuttles cease to fly
Will God unroll the canvas, and explain the reason why.
The dark threads are as needful in the Weaver's skillful hand
As the threads of gold and silver in the pattern He has planned.


Our granddaughter, Emily Joy, will graduate from high school in June. We promised to take her on a senior trip to the place of her choice here in Europe. She choose Holland! We had a wonderful time together and made memories of a lifetime..some of which I am sharing on my blog page. We love you, Emmy! Thank you for all the joy you bring to your Opa and Oma.


Mark and Julie joined us for breakfast at McDonald's before we headed out on our "senior trip".

We must be in Holland....windmills, canals and bicycles EVERYWHERE!!

Our home for three days..the Holiday Inn in Leiden.

Dinner at the hotel before heading to the Anne Frank Museum.

This fellow Ronald followed us everywhere we went!

The Anne Frank Museum - Our First Stop! ~

The one thing that Emmy wanted to do most of all was see the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam. The museum did not close until 9:00 p.m. so we were able to get checked in the hotel on Monday night and then head straight for the museum. I came from the museum once again thanking God for the privilege to be born in America and for the grace He has bestowed on my life. We were also able to tour Amsterdam a little.

Tom and Emmy standing near the canal that is located across the narrow street from the Anne Frank museum.


Emily and I standing outside the door to Corrie ten Boom's house in Haarlem. Tom and I had visited her home once before but we wanted Emily to be able to see it and learn a little about this amazing woman.

Our hostess for the tour of Corrie ten Boom's home. I wish I could remember her name because she was an outstanding hostess. There were about 15 of us waiting at the entrance door promptly at 12:30 p.m. when the tour began. She met us at the door with this statement, "You each know that this is a Christian tour, do you not." That was the understatement of the day. We went into the parlor and were all seated while she gave us a little chat about the history of the ten Boom family and how they risked their own lives to hide the Jews during the Nazi occupation of Holland. Woven throughout her little chat was the most amazing and clear cut presentation of the gospel....including the admonition for each of us to be sure we knew Christ and were going to heaven to be with Him someday. Her final admonition to us was that we would each know the spirit of forgiveness that Corrie had found, even for those who treated her so cruelly in the Ravensbruck concentration camp.

Emily bending down in the entrance to the hiding place which was hidden at the bottom of bookshelves in Corrie's room. In her book, "The Hiding Place", Corrie tells about the drills they would conduct to practice getting all the Jews who they took into their home into the hiding place in less than a minute. This would include removing all traces of evidence that there had been anyone in their home other than Corrie, her father and her sister, Betsy.