Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meet Erin and Charity ~

Erin and Charity are students at West Coast Baptist College who spent several weeks with us this summer. They were such a blessing!!! Their servant's heart and spirit was a real testimony to our people. There was no job too big or too small for them. We will hate to see them leave.

My Junior Sunday School Class Party ~

I have the greatest bunch of kids to teach on Sunday morning!!! Eight to ten energetic 9-12 year olds are in my class and we have such a good time together. I love teaching this age!! This week I planned a "Junior Class Bash" at our home. The original plan was 1. Eating 2. Hiking 3. Games in the park across from our apartment. Well, the rain didn't cooperate, but I had Plan B all ready and we had great fun playing indoor games in our living room. We did manage about 30 minutes in the park before everyone had to leave. Three ladies helped me serve the food and one of the ladies and my sweet husband picked the kids up at the church and returned them at the appropriate time. Tom also shared a great devotion with the kids. We are already thinking about our next "class bash".

What's a party without lots of food. All you could eat nachos supreme and ice cream sundaes were enjoyed by everyone out on our balcony.

Erin, Charity and Corie were a great help. Here they are getting the "nachos supreme" ready.

Let the games begin!! Playing "Musical Hats".

Playing "Who is the Leader". One person had to guess who the leader was who changed the motions of the group.

Everyone had to pass through a rope circle without letting go of each other's hands. Such contortions! They did it.

Meghan tried in vain to make Ethan laugh playing "Poor Kitty".

Morgan could not stop laughing.

Friday, July 16, 2010

What a Special Day! ~

Today was one of those very special days - - all joy and blessings! First, we were able to participate in the welcoming ceremony for one of our battalions returning from Iraq. Four of our own RRBC soldiers were among the battalion. Afterwards we went straight to the hospital in Speyer, Germany to see one of our sweet Filipino ladies who just gave birth to her third beautiful daughter. I was able to hold little Julia Mae Lindner-Goetz for over thirty minutes and enjoyed every minute of it. Her mother, Josephine is doing just fine.

Here is little Julia Mae.

Welcome Home 72nd Signal Battalion ~

Seeing our soldiers and their families separated by deployment is always heart-wrenching - but then there is the homecoming - ALL JOY. Today four of our RRBC soldiers returned from Iraq with the 72nd Signal Battalion and we were honored to be there to help welcome them back. Here are the Kelly Abbots, one of our sweet families. Kelly has been gone for a year - Welcome home, Kelly!

The smoke and music signals that the troops are about to enter the gymnasium.

Troops marching in.

The battalion standing at ease while welcoming speeches were made.

The families were given the go ahead to find their loved one. What wonderful bedlum!!

Here are the Abbotts as they found each other. I cried!

Lamar, one of our single guys returning home from deployment.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meet Our Sending Pastor and Beloved Friends ~

Dr. and Mrs. Carrol Joye are beloved friends of over 43 years. He is also our sending pastor. We met the Joyes our first year of Bible College and have remained the closest of friends over the years. Tom and Carrol have called each other at least once a week for over forty years. What a treasure we have in friends!

Sending Emmy Off to College ~

It was a "happy/sad" morning as we took Mark, Julie and Emily to the airport to fly to the states. The main purpose of the trip is to get Emmy settled at Crown College in August, but they will be in meetings during this time as well as getting some family time in. We are so excited about all that God has in store for Emmy but we are going to miss her so much. We look forward to Mark and Julie coming back in September.

Our final goodbye.

Love my Emmy and am going to miss her SO MUCH!

Unloading at the airport.

Loading up the van: 4 check on bags, 3 carry ons and FOUR COMPUTERS?????

It's 7:30 a.m. and time to leave for the airport.

For her final family night dinner she asked to go to her favorite restaurant, the Schutzenhaus, where she ordered Cordon Bleu. It was so hot we sat on the covered patio and enjoyed the rain.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to our Beautiful Dawn ~

God has blessed Tom and me beyond measure through our two children. Dawnie is our baby girl and she turns 41 today. She probably would just as soon me not post that, but...hey, I'm the Mom. She is an amazing woman. She has a quick wit and keeps us laughing constantly (with an occasional "I can't believe she said that!!(-:). She still is able to have a child's view of the world and makes life fun for her kids. She is an incredibly talented pianist and soloist. She is a strong and courageous wife and mother, even though she probably wouldn't think so. She finished her college degree while married with two children and pregnant with another. She kept the home fires burning while her husband, Mitch, an officer in the army, spent one tour of duty in Iraq and one stateside. She loves the Lord and serves Him faithfully in her church. She is a loving daughter and we are so thankful for her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAWNIE. WE LOVE YOU!!!!
Dawn's husband, Mitch, an officer in the Army, has spent 2 tours of duty in Iraq. He is a hero to us, but so is Dawn who was strong, holding the family together during a very difficult time.
Here are some pictures of Dawn and her wonderful family. I don't know why they would not post any larger than this, but you can see what a sweet family she has and what a beautiful daughter she is.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Huge Night For Our Family!! ~

Tonight we saw our first grandchild, Emily Joy, graduate from high school. It really was a wonderful celebration of her hard work. She has been an excellent, hard working student and we are so proud (thankful) for her. More than anything we are thankful for the virtuous young woman that she has become. We were given the opportunity to give a testimony tonight about Emmy. The thing I wanted everyone to know is that Emily is the same sweet, kind and considerate person at home as she is at church. Sometimes people put on a show at church but at home they are disrespectful, grumpy and selfish. Emily has always had a sweet spirit that thinks of others. It is going to be a blessing to see in what special way God is going to use her as she goes off to Crown College and finds God's perfect will for her life. We love you, Em!!


The processional.

It was a great honor for Tom to be able to preach at Emily's graduation service.

Dad and Mom presenting her diploma to her. Julie has been an outstanding homeschool mom, overseeing Emmy's work.

Emmy sang the beautiful song, "Glorious Love" and gave a moving testimony. She was so poised and articulate. Her sweet character shown through every word of her song and testimony.

Tom and I are so thankful for our first grandchild. It seems surreal that she is now a high school graduate getting ready to leave for college. She has brought much joy to our lives.

Our children love Emmy and so there were many tears shed over her leaving for college.

Emmy walking into the fellowship hall decorated in her honor. It was such a sweet time of fellowship.

Her congratulation banner. The verse certainly describes Emmy, Proverbs 31:29 - "Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all."

The cake.

Emmy's favorite flower - gerber daisies.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Visit To Oshkosh, Wisconsin ~

On the Fourth of July Tom and I were privileged to be invited to participate in the Blue and White Sunday at Wyldewood Baptist Church in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where Dr. Randy King is pastor. Each year the church pays honor to the military, police force, fire department and all other public servants on the Sunday nearest the Fourth of July. The service was outstanding to say the least. The choir and orchestra did several patriotic songs that were outstanding. Tom spoke in Sunday School, Morning Worship and the Evening Worship. He wore his Marine Corp dress blues for the Morning Service. It was a wonderful day!!

Pastor Randy King has pastored this wonderful church for nearly 30 years.

The patriotic music of the Wyldewood Baptist choir and orchestra was outstanding

One of the highlights of our trip to Oshkosh was a special reunion with the folks who came to Germany to help with our Missionary Christmas Retreat last year. We had a fun time and enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by some very talented chefs at Nakashima Japanese Steak House. After our meal each person told about their fondest memory of the trip. My heart was so touched and encouraged by their testimonies. We love Bro. and Mrs. King and the wonderful folks at Wyldewood Baptist Church.