Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baby Shower for Josephine ~

One of the sweetest celebrations we ever have at Rhein River Baptist Church is a baby shower. Today our ladies met together to celebrate the birth of little Julia Mae Lindner-Goetz and to show our love and support for her mother, Josephine. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and here are a few pictures taken at the shower.

Lorien gave the devotion

Shannon did a great job planning the games. Everyone had a fun time as you see in the pictures below.

Our ladies always bring the most delicious foods. This occasion was no exception.

She received so many nice gifts for Julia Mae.

A "pampers cake" made by one of our ladies.

Friends Over For Dinner ~

We enjoyed having some of our members over for dinner on Friday night. I served grilled chicken, creamy potatoes, green beans with almonds and a tomato, cucumber and feta cheese salad. For dessert we had lemon cake with ice cream topped with fresh peach compote. Afterward we enjoyed talking and sharing funny stories (and fish stories from Tom (-:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Special Service Tonight at RRBC ~

In a military church we don't often, if ever, have a wedding - mostly because of all the German red tape. But periodically we have couples who want to have the renewal of their wedding vows. Tonight was one of those nights. Lorien and Joshua did not have a church wedding but it was Lorien's sincere desire to renew her vows in the church. She, with the help of lots of folks in the church, planned the ceremony and was able to keep it a complete surprise from Joshua. Joshua was part of the counting team for tonight so as soon he and his partner left for the counting room 'team RRBC' went into action putting white bows on the chairs, setting up candles, moving the pulpit, etc. When Tom brought Joshua into the auditorium with lights dim, candles flickering and the congregation he thought had gone home sitting with smiles on their faces, the look on his face was priceless. It was such a sweet ceremony and one that Joshua and Lorien will cherish forever.

Emmy's First Day's At Crown College ~

Emmy reported in to Crown College on Friday to get her dorm assignment. Here are some pictures of her new home for this year.

Emmy's Room she shares with five other girls.

Emmy's bunk.

Emmy's side of the closet in her dorm room.

Friday, August 20, 2010


I have been extremely busy in the past few weeks and so blogging has taken a back seat. I will try to catch up now and not get behind again. I love is my personal journal and brings me a lot of joy.

Emmy Begins Registering For College Today ~

Our Emmy Joy's big day has finally come. She begins registering at The Crown College in Powell, TN today. We have been keeping up with her Facebook entries today and she has gotten her dorm assignment. She is in the room with five other girls and she was able to get a bottom bunk, which she really wanted. We are so proud of Emily!

The Lancaster Clan ~

We were able to get everyone together for a much needed family photo update on our recent trip to the states. We all have such busy schedules, plus living on different continents so it isn't easy getting everyone together under one roof. I am just tickled pink over these pictures. I love my family!

Our FANTASTIC FOUR: Emily Joy Lancaster, 18; Bradley Thomas Moss, 14; Madison Nicole Moss, 9; Haley Grace Moss, 4

Mark and Julie and Dawn and Mitch. We are so thankful for our children.

A rare picture of Tom and me and our two children, Mark and Dawn. Our children have been such a blessing to us.

Happy Birthday Bradley ~

God has blessed us with four wonderful grandchildren. Three beautiful, sweet girls and one awesome grandson...Bradley Thomas Moss. Bradley turned 14 on August 19 and we are so thankful for him. He loves his family, his church, playing the guitar and playing football. Happy birthday, Bradley. ( #22) We love you!

Happy Anniversary to Mark and Julie ~

Mark and Julie celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary on August 8. It seems like just yesterday that we were driving to Festus, Missouri for the wedding rehearsal and then the wedding. We are so thankful for them both. Mark is such a wonderful husband and father and we are so thankful that God sent Julie to Mark and to our family. She is a devoted wife and mother and a wonderful daughter-in-law. And of course the special blessing is the precious granddaughter they gave to us. We love our children and thank God for them.

The 2010 Rhein River Reunion ~

On August 4-6 we held our Rhein River Reunion at Liberty Baptist Church in Pigeon Forge, TN. I believe this was our 5th biennial reunion. Several folks said they thought it was the best ever. I say that every reunion, but there was an extra sweet spirit this year. We had folks come from all the way back to our first year on the field, 1992. I love it that some people know each other, others are strangers, but all a part of the Rhein River family and by the end of the reunion everyone has bonded into a "family" with the same RRBC spirit that has been such a blessing to so many all these years. Each day we began at 10 a.m. with singing, preaching, special music, testimonies, memories and reminiscing. We all tried to eat out together as much as was possible and that was a wonderful time of fellowship. The afternoons were free for families to spend together enjoying the beauty and fun activities of the Great Smokey Mountains. We came back together at 7:00 p.m. for the same schedule as in the morning.
It was truly a little taste of heaven.

It was a special blessing to have Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Sexton with us on Thursday.

These are the folks who were able to stay for breakfast on Saturday.

Some Very Special Friends ~

Tony and Barbara Beyer are former members of RRBC and very special friends. Tony is from Barbados and Barbara is from Italy. I had the wonderful privilege to lead Barbara to the Lord. We have watched them both grow in the Lord and become grounded in the faith. They have been gone now for several years and have gone through some deep waters but have remained true to the Lord. Recently they tragically lost a baby boy. They requested to have a memorial service at RRBC, which we did. Barbara's parents, who are not Christians, came with them as well as their little two and a half year old Joshua. We are praying that the gospel will find a lodging place her parent's hearts and that they will soon be saved.

Baby Day at Rhein River Baptist Church

Once a year we try to celebrate all our little "crumb crushers" in the nursery - our little ones three years old and under. This year we had an adorable baby parade. While the instruments played "Jesus Loves Me" the babies and toddlers entered the auditorium in strollers, wagons and tricycles that had been decorated by their parents. The parents with the best decorated vehicle was to receive a prize but they were all so cute each parent received a gift. The parents filled out a form ahead of time which they handed to the Pastor as he introduced them. On the form were such questions as "what is your child's favorite toy?" One of the parents answered "granddaddy". I liked that. Here are a few pictures from Baby Day.

Alaina Benedict came in on her bicycle.

Litte Ava Brown's parent pulled her in a decorated wagon.

Riley Benedict came in pushing her little cart.