Sunday, October 31, 2010

Great Mission's Sunday in Little Rock, S.C. ~

We were absolutely thrilled to be a part of a great Mission's Sunday at Little Rock Baptist Church today. The church is co-pastored by Dr. Dick Alderman and his son, Bro. Chris Alderman. For many years this good church that averages a little over a hundred on Sunday morning has committed over a quarter of a million dollars per year to world-wide missions. This is a true mission-minded church due in the most part to leadership. We love the Aldermans who have been such a blessing to us personally and to our ministry.

One of the Rewards of Military Missions ~

Tom preached in Fort Knox, Kentucky a few months ago. In the church were three former families from our church here in Germany. What a grand reunion we had. We literally have "family" all over the world. We call them our 'forever family.'

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Beautiful African Violet ~

All I did was transplant the African Violet in my kitchen window to a larger container and it just took off with new blooms. I enjoy watching it every day as I cook and wash dishes.

Monday, October 4, 2010

More Pictures From Korea ~

A group picture made at the close of the Sunday morning worship service.

Two Korean and two American ladies dressed in their Korean Hamboks singing "People Need the Lord".

The Friday night service of the conference.

Bro. Larry and Kay's little granddaughter, Evangeline.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Emmy and Daniela - - Always Having Fun ~

With Daniela so sick we all have been thinking of what a sweet, sensitive, fun-loving gal she is. She and Emmy are so close and have shared so many wonderful times together. Julie found these pictures of the girls just having fun. One was made at a German Christmas Market and the other was at last year's Missionary Christmas Retreat at RRBC where they were clowning for a picture looking in the bathroom mirror.


Emily's Visit With Daniela in the Hospital ~

These pictures will be treasured forever!!!! This was Emily's first visit with Daniela since her brain surgery. Emmy was able to come from Crown College to Chattanooga for the weekend so that she could see Daniela and it was an emotional time for them both. We are so thankful for Daniela's progress. And we can't wait until we get to give her a big hug at the end of October when we go to the states.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Dawn and Mitch ~

Seventeen years ago Dawn came to Germany, after nearly four years at Pensacola Christian College, to spend a year with us. During that year God brought into our lives a young army lieutenant name Mitchell Moss who Tom had led to the Lord. Little did we know what God had planned. Long story short...Dawn and Mitch fell in love and went back to the states and were married on October 1, 1994. We are so thankful for Mitch and Dawn and the testimony of their marriage. We love them and thank them for the three beautiful grandchildren they have given us. Happy anniversary Mitch and Dawn.

Miscellaneous Pictures From Our First Two Days in Daegu, South Korea ~

Tom preaching on the first night of the mission's conference.

A moving scene at the close of the first night of the mission's conference.

Kay with her beautiful six month old granddaughter, Evangeline.

Kyong's (Kay's) mother whom we affectionately call 'Mama' - the matriarch of the church

Tom trying his hand at noodles and chopsticks. Quite the site; however, he managed well enough to not go home hungry.

God's Providential Care of Daniela ~

The beautiful girls above are Daniela Calin and our Emily Joy - best friends who have such a sweet and special relationship. Daniela and her family have been members of our church here in Germany for over eighteen years. Her father, Stefan, is Romanian, and her mother, Sandra is German. She has 2 younger brothers and a little sister. Four members of the family, including Daniela, have been saved at Rhein River Baptist Church. The family surrendered to take the gospel to Stefan's country of Romania over a year ago. They have been on deputation in Europe for several months and on Tuesday, September 21, they all boarded a plane to America for two months of deputation in churches that Tom arranged for them to be in. Their plane was late in Amersterdam which caused them to miss their connection in New York so they had to spend one night in New York. They arrived in Chattanooga, TN on Thursday where they will be living in the missionary house at Moriah Baptist Church. On Sunday evening Daniela began to have a severe headache and neck ache. It increased in intensity until it was necessary for them to take Daniela to the emergency room. After many tests and a transfer to a larger hospital in Chattanooga it was determined that Daniela had had a brain aneurysm which required immediate surgery. She is a very sick little girl, but we see God's providential hand in all the details of this situation. Praise the Lord they were not in New York when it happened. Praise the Lord that she is under the care of the leading neuro surgeon in Chattanooga. Praise the Lord that Mark and Julie were there in Chattanooga to be able to be by their side. Praise the Lord that she is progressing day by day. Our Emily will get to come from Crown College this weekend for what will be a very emotional reunion with Daniela. We are resting in God's love and protection over Daniela.