Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Passing Out Tracts ~

We had a great time today passing out tracts throughout our military and German community. Some walked the street around our church. Some went to the German train station. Some went to a German mall. Tom and I walked the military base. We are trusting the Lord to honor the effort that was made to get the gospel out.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Fellowship at the Franciscos ~

We recently had a little get-together at JoAa and Marie-Ange Francisco's apartment. The entire Francisco family has been saved at our church and watching them grow in the Lord has been an amazing blessing.

The kids having a great time playing "Pick up the Monkey".

There was a house full of our RRBC family. It was a wonderful time of fellowship.

Our gracious hostess, Marie-Ange, a sweet French lady, is in the foreground. Marie-Ange is battling cancer with a wonderful, positive spirit. And sitting beside her are Pat and Gaby Booker and Dave and Shannon Panjwani.

Pat and Gaby Booker were the guests of honor at the get-together. They were visiting us from Italy where Pat is working for the military after retiring from the army a couple of years ago. The Bookers were in our church longer than any other military family, thirteen years over three different assignments.

An Autumn Ride to our Apartment in Germany~

The area around our little village of Gorxheimertal, Germany is absolutely glorious in the fall. I got out my camera on a drive up to our apartment recently to try and capture a little of the beautiful fall leaves. They had really peaked the week before while we were in the states but these scenes are still beautiful. The hilly area where we live reminds us so much of east Tennessee, which we love so much.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thank You To All Our Veterans ~

Thank you seems so inadequate. We appreciate so much all that our veterans have done and are doing to make our country safe and free! We are so proud of their sacrifice for us. I am especially grateful to all the men in my family who have served our country: my father, my husband, my brother, my son-in-law and for those in our extended family who have served as well. You are all my heroes and I am so thankful for you. And I thank the Lord for the wonderful honor and privilege He has given Tom and me to serve our military and their families serving in Germany.

Happy Birthday to our Sweet Daughter-in-Law, Julie~

Thursday, November 11 is our Julie's _____(sh-h-h-) birthday. She is a devoted wife, loving mother, wonderful Christian lady and our sweet daughter-in-law. We thank God often for giving her to Mark and to our family. Happy birthday, Julie. We love you!!!


I prayed for you
Before I ever met you
And once I saw you
I knew I would never forget you.
There was something about you
That was special and rare
But I didn't know yet
That you were the answer to my prayer.
You were the answer to the prayer
For the one my son would wed
I prayed for you from the time he was born
And this is where my prayers led.
I prayed for your health
Health of body, soul and spirit
And I knew always in my heart
That God, our Father, would hear it.
You have found your way
Into our hearts and homes and lives
And on this your special day I just
want you to know how much we love and care.
And how proud we are to celebrate together
Your birthday, and the answer to a mother's prayer.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Veteran's Day Celebration in Ringgold, GA ~

The small town of Ringgold, GA, where we have a home, is a very patriotic town. I am especially proud to have our home there on patriotic days. On these days the town displays a flag and a cross with the name of every Ringgold veteran on record who gave his or her life for our country, beginning with WW1. There are literally hundreds of flags and crosses displayed around the town. It is an amazing sight. We snapped the pictures above as we were driving through the town just before we flew back to Germany. They had just begun putting out the flags for Veteran's Day. It is such a moving sight!

A Special Time With the Calins ~

Tom and I were able to be in a service with all the Calin family before we left the states. Tom had seen them once, but I had not seen them at all on the trip. It was very special to see Daniella up and looking and feeling so healthy after very serious surgery for a brain aneurysm about six weeks ago. She has been able to resume traveling with her family on deputation as they continue to raise their support to go to Romania.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Our Visit With Emmy At College ~

While we were in the states for the Mission's Sunday at Little Rock Baptist Church in Little Rock, SC, we were able to stop by Crown College and enjoy some special time with our Emmy. We took her out to dinner and enjoyed doing a little shopping together.