Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Dedication of Mandy Joy ~

It is always special when couples want to dedicate their children to the Lord. Freddy and Biada Campbell are a fine young German couple and they recently came to dedicate their first little daughter, Mandy Joy, to the Lord.

Celebrating Little Leica Lott's birth ~

Always one of the sweetest times we ever have at the church is when we celebrate the birth of a new baby. Last Saturday we celebrated the birth of little Leica Lott. Her mother, Edjylin, is one of our Filipino ladies and Leica is her first child. Several of Leica's Filipino friends came to celebrate with us and they were such fun to get to know. And here is the great part: three of them came to church the next day and one of them was saved. How special is that?

Our two guests of honor - Edjylin and little Leica.

At first Leica wasn't sure she liked being at this party.

Partying finally took its toll and she was off to dream land.

Josephine, a sweet Filipino gal and one of the finest Christian women in our church gave a very moving devotion.

Several of Edjylin's Filipino friends came out to celebrate with us.

A Low Country Boil ~

We recently enjoyed a "low country boil" at the home of one of our sweet couples, Gary and Sandy Johnson. This is a dish that I believe is attributed to lower South Carolina. We had our first one in Charleston, SC. It is a delicious one pot meal of potatoes, corn of the cob, shrimp and sausage. When everything is done it traditionally is drained and poured out on newspaper and everyone digs in. The Johnsons were a little more formal and served theirs in one big pan. It is a lot of fun to eat, especially with friends.

Our hosts, Gary and Sandy Johnson

Ed and Mina Oglesby

The junior and senior Lancasters