Thursday, October 25, 2012

Traveling and Posting (Lord, help me!!)

I am having the hardest time finding (....excuse me,  MAKING the time)  to post on my blog while we are traveling.    Not that that matters to anyone but me, but I do want to journal our travels.    Lord, help me!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mission's Conference - First Baptist Church, Milford, OH

In October Tom preached at the annual mission's conference at First Baptist Church, Milford, Ohio, and it was one of the best mission's conferences we have ever been in.  Tom has spoken  once before at one of their mission's conferences and has taught a modular class on military missions in their college.  Dr. Bill Duttrey is the good pastor and the heartbeat of the church is missions.  Tom shared the preaching responsibilities with Bro. Walter Stevens, missionary to the gypsies in Romania and Bulgaria.  I was especially blessed to see how they included the children in the conference.  The children ages 4-12 actually had their own conference while the adults were having theirs.  The speakers and guest missionaries took turns speaking to the children each evening.  Their program was first class, informative, inspirational and a lot of fun.  Tom and I both agreed we would have been happy to stay in the kid's conference.   God blessed the entire conference in a tremendous way and we were so thankful to be a part of it.   The conference messages can be downloaded on the church's website:

The conference featured Europe
The beautiful lake next to the auditorium
Another view of the lake (Tom fished, of course)

Children's Choir
Beautiful music at every service
I just had to post this picture of the church duck who
 greeted folks for every service.