Friday, August 9, 2013

Mark's Physical Issues

Mark after his first surgery to try to eliminate the nerve pain  - a neck fusion.  

We are so grateful for all the prayers that have been lifted up on behalf of our son, Mark.  Mark recently had his 10th surgery - 9 of them in the last two years:  2 hernia surgeries, 4 heart ablations and 4 back related  surgeries. His heart rhythm issues are much better for which we are so thankful.  But none of his back related surgeries have eliminated the debilitating and excruciating nerve pain in his leg.  As I am writing this article he has an appointment in a couple of weeks with a neurologist to see if he can help find the answer since the orthopedic route has not been successful.  Please continue to pray for Mark.  He has had the sweetest spirit through all of this -- always smiling even when you know he is in severe pain.
Julie has been his rock through it all, always close by his side to help and encourage him.  Their heart has been with their people at Grace Baptist Church in Weisbaden, Germany.  Our former associates at Rhein River Baptist Church, Larry and Phyllis Simensen, are filling in for Mark.  Please pray for the church and that the Lord will give wisdom as to the future.

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