Rhein River Baptist Church


Tom and I were blessed and privileged to serve Rhein River Baptist Church in Mannheim, Germany for over 20 years.(1992-2012.)  It was a church primarily to the U.S. military stationed there, but we also ministered to many different nationalities over those 20 years.   Our military base in Mannheim closed in August of 2012.   When our last military family left we were thankful that we could turn a thriving German/International work over to a missionary who had been influenced to give his life to missions while on temporary military duty in Mannheim and while attending Rhein River Baptist Church.  Tom and I continue to serve our military by getting in churches and Bible colleges to raise the awareness of the need for independent Baptist churches to be planted near our U.S. bases around the world, to recruit and train military missionaries and to aid and assist military churches when and wherever we can.   Over the 20 years we were there we saw over 2500 soldiers and their families call RRBC their church home.  Over 1500 men, women, boys and girls trusted Christ as their Savior.   The Rhein River Baptist Church that we knew and served is now an International church, but our RRBC military families that we served are scattered all over the world.  Since around 2002 we have been blessed every other year to have a Rhein River Reunion in Pigeon Forge, TN, where many of our former members come to see old friends or to meet members of our Rhein River family that they have never met before.   Tom and I are dedicated to keeping the memory of Rhein River Baptist Church (military) alive and so we will continue to have these reunions.  

Our First Building in Bobenheim-Roxheim

This page in my blog is also dedicated to preserving the memory of Rhein River Baptist Church through pictures of various people and activities that took place over the years.  Unfortunately we didn't have a digital camera until a few years ago so I won't have many pictures posted from the earliest days.  Thank you, Lord, for the privilege you gave us to serve all these wonderful people who were part of Rhein River Baptist Church.

Our First Sweetheart Banquet

Mother's Day Breakfast 2009
The men prepared and served the food.

A Surprise Birthday Party For The Pastor

Ladies' Event

Miscellaneous Pictures Of Our Soldiers Over The Years

Patch The Pirate Club Singing 

Euro-Youth Conference

Bro. Mark Lancaster, Director
Bro Kurt Skelly, Speaker

Harvest Party

African Ladies' Fellowship With Mrs. L 
and Mrs. Julie

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